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Healthcare IT: The Deal With It and the Possibilities

Healthcare IT: The Deal With It and the Possibilities

As time goes on, more and more people are becoming particular about healthcare and home workout programs. Well, this is to be expected. If you look at everything that has been going on, there is always the potential for new diseases to develop and strike to linger around. Even genetically modifying crops has a bad result on our health despite allowing for less loss of said crop to hazards such as pests. With all these problems arising, a better system for healthcare delivery, and of course much more affordable, should be established. What many people have their eyes on now is the healthcare IT, something which could do just that.

There are, however, problems that may arise through the implementation of healthcare IT within all healthcare providers. One such problem may be the experience of making less profit from their patients as they stay within the healthcare facility would be of less time. One other problem is that those that want to implement healthcare IT into their facilities will have to pay a large cost to do, something which only adds up to the problem with making less of a profit from patients. But if you take a good look at it, making less of a profit wouldn’t be much to worry about if the provision of better healthcare services is established. However, for the healthcare facilities in question, they would need ways to cut costs when it comes to all their needed medical supplies.

Due to this, there may be an influx of companies that will begin to market in the healthcare industry. This possibility could be viewed as something like an answer to helping healthcare facilities with having all that they need at better prices and with the provision of better service. After all, there is a lot of competition when it comes to service providers, and a lot of them provide better service at varying prices, some being relatively less than the other but with also better performance. Aside from being able to bring the healthcare field better service and a lower cost for it, perhaps it can be viewed as a way to make more sales for these companies. Healthcare services are of course quite important, and if these facilities face making less profit from their patients, then they may have to think about switching their providers to certain services.

Though if you look at the big picture, it may all even out in due time. Healthcare facilities may face fewer gains than before, but in due time, we may be able to say that they will adapt to it, as did all other businesses during the time of the economic slowdown. For the provision of better and more efficient healthcare services, it really would be a small price to pay. Healthcare IT may just be the way to go if we are to achieve a better field of healthcare that is prone to making fewer errors and providing better and faster service, also one that saves more lives. And with all the chances for marketing their products and services within the healthcare industry, companies can add to creating a better healthcare field.

Balancing both sides are difficult. should be paid well enough to support my family, yet I don’t want to be robbed when trying to get healthcare coverage. This is where private industry can step up. Healthcare shouldn’t cost so much to meet the needs of patients. Without going into great detail, healthcare companies have very much figured out how to “pool” their members to avoid a catastrophic trend of insurance claims that would bankrupt them. Therefore, why does it cost so much? Employers already bear much of the burden for their employees when contributing towards their insurance premiums. The answer seems pretty obvious to me: The current insurance companies are top heavy.

When greed is factored into the cost of insurance, then it becomes a problem when considering the moral value of insurance and healthcare. Corporations must benefit the stakeholders of their organizations. This is in direct conflict of providing affordable healthcare because it makes moral sense. To dramatically offset the corporate greed, the government feels it needs to step in. Unfortunately, the government can’t see the forest among the trees. They are so worried about those who are lost in the forest that they lose sight of the bigger picture: Providing healthcare healthcare without burning down the forest. Until corporate governance can limit executive pay and until the government can limit the waste in spending, neither option is the best option. Why not have a healthcare system that is subsidized by the government, but only to the extent that it limits the cost to those who are uninsured, and therefore, limits the pay to upper management to avoid a top-heavy system?

At some point, a pendulum must meet its center. The new healthcare reform seems to be at odds with the current healthcare system. The current healthcare system provides the best medicine in the world. It provides efficiencies that make processing insurance care easier, faster, and less expensive. Medicare should be a forewarning to us about how the government will manage this system. It’s slow, burdensome, and has more holes than Swiss cheese that allow for abuse.

The bottom line is that healthcare reform isn’t going to happen anytime soon. It isn’t going to happen cheaply. So, before everyone jumps on the bandwagon, take a moment to think twice about where you are in your current coverage and lobby for cooperation between private and government healthcare, instead of government-run healthcare.