Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms

Internet marketing trends

Selling services on the digital market is one of the hardest tasks of our time, it’s not different for any law firm. As a law firm, have you experienced the everyday growing marketing trends? Are you still stuck with your old methods of marketing your firm online and don’t seem to meet your targets?

With the changing of technologies and introduction of new things in the market every day. Law firm owners should keep themselves up to date with the changing trends on digital marketing. Learn the best avenues of reaching your prospective clients. Everyone wants to be represented in court by the smartest lawyers on the block. Using the latest trends keep both your existing and prospective clients assured of the best services.

What then are the most recent digital marketing trends for law firms that will keep you on top of your competitors?

Use a focused design for your website
Law firm Websites have become a confusing hub. With lawyers using the hardest legal terms to describe their services to poor colors and poor content. Your first impression to your prospects is through your home page. Use a focused web design. Focus on quality and not quantity of wording and pictures. Make your introductions precise and to the point. Also ensure your web page contains your contact information. This only tells your prospects that you are not a salesperson just trying to sell their law firm but a lawyer whose primary goal is to solve their problems.


Get smarter with your SEO links on google


You cannot talk digital marketing and fail to talk about google. Smart law firms create SEO links that get ranked by google as the best. This makes it simple for your prospects to find you before they find any other person. Improve your map rankings at this point as well. Google values local business that is why when you include a map in your website they ensure that people in your local area will get your map every time they search for your service. This way you will avoid creating a situation where clients see you first on search engines but cannot trace you first.

Analyzing the target market.


Creating a website and a killer content will not guarantee to turn every prospect into a client. That is why analyzing your target market is important. Do you know the exact pain points of your target market? Do you have any solutions for their pain points? The only way to find out is by doing research. A smart law firm owner offers different ways of getting in touch with their firms e.g. through text messages, WhatsApp, skype etc. the old landline number that rings unanswered is one major turn off to most clients. In the quest of understanding your clientele base offer them information. In terms of blogs, e books and even free consultations. This will only assure your clients that you are out there to help them and not milk their money while giving you a clear understanding of their needs.


Create integrated campaigns
No one is a jack of all trade and so is your law firm. Identify a Niche that your firm performs best in and specialize in it. You don’t have to necessarily stop all the other services but make this your main focus. When you finally get it create integrated campaigns and put them in the digital market. Definitely prospects will choose a specialist over all the others. You would too.
Invest in social media advertising
With everyone visiting the social media every day, investing in social media advertising is one clever way of meeting potential clients. The paid social is the best bet as the free ones a flooding with people and annoying adverts that
make your target press skip. Advertise your best services on almost all social media you can access. Create short videos as they are very convincing and drop on all your pages. Do not make promises rather offer solutions to your viewers. This way you find yourself turning prospects to clients.

Creating an approachable lawyer’ environment


Starting with your website to your advertisements and right in your offices are you approachable lawyers? Clients come to you because they feel like you can offer them solutions. That is why it’s important to create an environment which allows your clients to easily form a relationship with you. The old scary photos on your office wall should just get replaced. It’s allowed to use informal language with your client, this is not a court room. Make your prospects as comfortable as you can and you will see them come back.


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